Digital economy

Digital Economy and Social Security Observatory

The Digital Economy will profoundly transform our daily life, how we work and how we live.

The Observatory will provide ISSA members with an understanding of the opportunities and the challenges it will present to social security administrations.

It will look at this transformation from two angles: the changing environment in which social security institutions evolve and how Social Security institutions themselves will be impacted and can respond to these challenges.

The ISSA has grouped the multitude of topics that are linked to the digital economy and its impact on social security.

This ‘look into the future’ is supported by the ISSA Technical Commissions, findings from ISSA conferences and events, member surveys, good practices, literature reviews, research and input by external experts.  

How will the digital economy change the environment for social security?

How will the digital economy impact social security administrations?

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Ten global challenges for social security

Media Monitor Media Monitor

12 July 2019

BBC News (10.07.2019) Worried about a lump? Got a nasty cough that won't budge? Many people Google queries about such symptoms daily - but now they can get NHS advice instantly by asking Amazon's Alexa.

12 July 2019 (09.07.2019) Tunisia has secured $175 million from the World Bank to support digital transformation in the country, the World Bank Group announced last month in a statement. The funding, according to different media reports, comes in the form of two loans.

9 July 2019

World Economic Forum (17.06.2019) By introducing portable benefits for gig workers, African governments and digital platforms can help to power the continent’s future growth. Otherwise, these platforms will lose top talent, countries will miss out on potential tax revenue, and Africa will fail to reap the full benefits of the digital revolution.

5 July 2019

Americas Quarterly (17.06.2019) Automation is coming to the Americas - sooner than we think.

1 July 2019

World Economic Forum (19.06.2019) Digital technology can rapidly transform how countries provide services such as education and health to their citizens. The public services of the future should be effective, efficient, fair, data-driven, and responsive to individual needs. And the groundwork to turn this vision into reality needs to be laid now.

25 June 2019

FrontPageAfrica (25.06.2019) The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Monday signed a US$2 million contract with a Ghanaian company — “Esoko” — to collect social data in four counties Nimba, Bong, Bomi and Maryland Counties.

18 June 2019

Over the past decade, an increasing number of countries around the world are introducing or upgrading national-scale digital identification systems and modernizing civil registration. For example, Morocco is introducing a new national population register and civil and social digital ID  to reform its social protection system and pioneering the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) in the process. 

6 June 2019 (30.05.2019) The state Assembly just passed a bill that could give Uber and Lyft drivers basic labor protections for the first time.

3 June 2019

Le Temps (03.06.2019) Médecin-entrepreneur et spécialiste de la santé numérique, Thierry Weber considère le dossier électronique du patient comme une solution pour réduire les coûts de la santé. Les hôpitaux le proposeront dès 2020

29 May 2019

Le Temps (29.05.2019) La multinationale californienne du transport met en place un système d'assurance accident pour ses chauffeurs et coursiers suisses, mais craint d'être reconnue comme leur employeur. Interview de son directeur pour la Suisse, Steve Salom

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