Digital economy

Digital Economy and Social Security Observatory

The Digital Economy will profoundly transform our daily life, how we work and how we live.

The Observatory will provide ISSA members with an understanding of the opportunities and the challenges it will present to social security administrations.

It will look at this transformation from two angles: the changing environment in which social security institutions evolve and how Social Security institutions themselves will be impacted and can respond to these challenges.

The ISSA has grouped the multitude of topics that are linked to the digital economy and its impact on social security.

This ‘look into the future’ is supported by the ISSA Technical Commissions, findings from ISSA conferences and events, member surveys, good practices, literature reviews, research and input by external experts.  

How will the digital economy change the environment for social security?

How will the digital economy impact social security administrations?

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Ten global challenges for social security

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6 October 2017

it-finanzmagazin (25.09.2017)  Eine Studie zur Digitalisierung im Gesund­heits­wesen (Download) zeige oftmals noch eine große Lücke zwischen Anspruch und Realität. Versicherte der Privaten Krankenversicherung (PKV) wünschen sich häufig eine digitale Abrechnung, Ärzte sind dabei aber noch sehr zögerlich. Eine elektronische Patientenakte würden aber sowohl Ärzte als auch Patienten sehr begrüßen und sehen darin mehrere Vorteile. Die Studie erfolgte im Auftrag von AXA und der CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM) und basiert auf einer repräsentativen Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts forsa.

5 October 2017

European Economic and Social Committee (20.09.2017) The EESC believes that equal access to healthcare, one of the main objectives of health policies, can benefit from digital support provided certain conditions are met: equal geographical coverage; bridging the digital divide; interoperability among the various components of the digital architecture (databases, medical devices); and protection of health data which must under no circumstances be used to the detriment of patients. The EESC highlights the need to develop and facilitate people's digital health literacy to encourage a critical approach to health information and to support the development of a nomenclature of reimbursable treatments and wellbeing services

3 October 2017

(GOVUP, July 2017) La plataformización del trabajo es un concepto que, si bien es relativamente reciente, ha irrumpido con fuerza en el mercado laboral a nivel global. Si bien es cierto que nuestro marco normativo dista mucho de otras regulaciones, como la estadounidense, con distintos parámetros de contratación y, en definitiva, de relación laboral. Bajo esta premisa, y con el objetivo de despejar muchas de las incógnitas que sobrevuelan sobre el tema del trabajo en las plataformas digitales, la Asociación Española de la Economía Digital (Adigital) con el apoyo de GoVup, policy lab de innovación pública, hemos elaborado un informe que recoge las principales ideas que rigen este nuevo marco de relación económica entre individuos y empresas, de la mano de varios expertos en la materia, y que propone una serie de cambios normativos para contribuir a normalizar esta actividad de futuro.

2 October 2017

 The Economic Times (28.09.2017)  Government has saved Rs 58,000 crore through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme used in various subsidy programmes, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said today. The electronics and IT minister said the government is utilising digital technology to bring about changes that benefit poor and underprivileged.

2 October 2017 (27.09.2017) Ride-hailing app seeks to overturn ruling on status of UK workers

27 September 2017

Accenture 2016 - Digital platform companies are transforming the way we do business by creating vast markets, compelling customer experiences and new ways to innovate. But how will small and traditional companies find success in a platform landscape dominated by digital born companies? This report identifies the critical platform success factors for businesses and policy makers.

27 September 2017

Merca20 (26.09.2017) El tema de la presencia de los robots y bots en la industria reporta un crecimiento importante desde hace varios años, sectores como el automotriz, farmacéutico, manufacturero, el de seguridad, incluso los hemos visto en periodismo y publicidad. Esto ha hecho surgir la pregunta si en algún momento sustituiría a los humanos.

26 September 2017 (22.09.2017) Signing up with the likes of Uber or Deliveroo offers flexibility, but the isolation and stress can take their toll

26 September 2017

Reuters (25.09.2017) The European Commission wants more social protection and rights for casual workers, such as those in the “gig economy”, and others with non-standard contracts to try to tackle growing social inequality.

21 September 2017 (14.09.2017) With the commodities crisis crippling the economies of countries like South Africa and Nigeria, it's become more important than ever that Africans develop the blueprint for their own start-up nations. While industrialization is an appealing path to growth for countries like Ethiopia, more nations should value the developmental potential sitting in front of them: Africa's large informal sector.

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