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10 June 2019

EurActiv  (07.06.2019) Very few patients ask for reimbursements for treatment accessed abroad and the only exchanges of patients’ health data are between two northern member states, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) found in a report released on Tuesday (4 June).

7 June 2019 (15.05.2019) The paper reviews several of the measures that States have taken with the intention of improving the sustainability of pension systems and evaluates their effectiveness. The paper highlights that many of the measures taken have had negative distributional impacts and have significantly compromised the primary function of pension systems: to provide a secure replacement income for people in old age and prevent their ability to fall into poverty.

7 June 2019

Les Echos (07.06.2019) Le gouvernement présentera la réforme de l'assurance-chômage le 17 juin. Au menu : bonus-malus sur les cotisations chômage patronales pour freiner l'abus des contrats courts, dégressivité des allocations pour les hauts revenus mais aussi durcissement des conditions d'accès à l'indemnisation. Il faudra avoir travaillé l'équivalent de six mois durant les 24 mois précédents au lieu de quatre mois durant 28 mois actuellement.

6 June 2019 (24.04.2019) A new welfare payment which will benefit up to 60,000 new parents who are employed or self-employed is set to come into effect from November.

6 June 2019

europe1 (06.06.2019) Alors que le chiffre de 14 millions d'euros était relayé depuis plusieurs mois, un rapport parlementaire a mis fin à la polémique autour des fraudes aux prestations sociales par des personnes nées à l'étranger. Ces fraudes "se mesurent en millions d'euros et non en milliards", assure le rapport.

6 June 2019 (30.05.2019) The state Assembly just passed a bill that could give Uber and Lyft drivers basic labor protections for the first time.

6 June 2019

pensionsage (03.06.2019) The government is being urged to give new mothers a £2,000 pension top-up to address the pension gender gap. The call from Which? follows analysis by itself and the Pensions Policy Institute, which found that women who take time out of work to care for a while, are hit with a ‘motherhood pension penalty’, potentially saving £15,000 less towards retirement compared to the average full-time working woman.

6 June 2019

IISD (28.05.2019) Governments gathered at the World Health Assembly (WHA) agreed on four resolutions related to universal health care (UHC), addressing primary healthcare, the role of community health workers, emergency care systems and the UN General Assembly (UNGA) High-Level Meeting on UHC. The Assembly also agreed on a global strategy on health, environment and climate change, as well as a global action plan to promote the health of refugees and migrants. Other Resolutions addressed antimicrobial resistance, WASH and NCDs.

4 June 2019

El País (04.06.2019) Después de más de cinco años creando empleo, la afiliación a la Seguridad Social ya acaricia su máximo histórico. En mayo aumentó en 211.752 el número de cotizantes con empleo, según el Ministerio de Trabajo. Ya son 19,44 millones, apenas unos miles por debajo del récord que se alcanzó en julio de 2007, un mes antes de que empezaran verse claros síntomas de la crisis que se avecinaba, primero en Estados Unidos y después en Europa.

3 June 2019

EWN (28.05.2019) Social grants remain the second-most important source of income for households in the country after salaries. Statistics South Africa released the results of its General Household Survey earlier on Tuesday. The survey was conducted in more than 20,000 households.

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