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20 November 2018 (2018) Social protection initiatives in Africa increasingly aim to institutionalize systems that guarantee assistance for the poor and protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks. Through direct and indirect income effects, social protection programs can also play an instrumental role in promoting agricultural development and, more broadly, economic growth. Two major trends will determine the future demand for social protection in African countries. One is the persistent high rates of poverty that are the result of decades of economic decline and stagnation that preceded the recent economic recovery. The other is the transition toward more democratic, pluralistic political systems combined with faster economic growth and a more vocal urban segment of the poor and vulnerable population.

20 November 2018

The Sun (20.11.2018) Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty revealed the news as she unveiled the Government's First 5 strategy which she says aims to support babies, young children and their families

20 November 2018

Le Figaro (27.10.2018) Une loi fédérale, qui autorise la surveillance en cas de soupçons de fraude à l'assurance maladie, sera soumise au vote des Suisses en novembre prochain. Un type de contrôle qui porte ses fruits mais qui pose des problèmes, dans son principe et son application.

19 November 2018

Europa (13.11.2018) The study, which includes country reports and a synthesis report, provides an overview of inequality in access to healthcare in 35 European countries - EU Member States as well as EFTA and enlarging countries - showing that important inequalities persist, both between and within countries.

19 November 2018

NZZ (09.11.2018) Immer mehr Menschen arbeiten via Internetplattformen. Um die Innovationskraft des digitalen Arbeitsmodells auszuschöpfen, sollte man die wachsende Flexibilität mit sozialer Sicherheit kombinieren. Es drängen sich neue Formen der Absicherung auf.

19 November 2018

lusakatimes (06.11.2018) Government has urged District Commissioners to take keen interest in monitoring social protection programmes and ensure that intended beneficiaries are reached. Community development minister Olipa Phiri says this is because District Commissioners are government’s link pins in ensuring effective implementation of programmes such as social cash transfer (SCT) , among others.

19 November 2018

ILO (16.11.2018) Working poverty, informality and vulnerable employment are amongst the persistent challenges of Asia-Pacific labour markets according to a new ILO report. The report calls for coordinated policies to promote decent work as the link to translate economic growth into sustainable development in the region.

16 November 2018

france info (16.11.2918) Une personne sur quatre, en France, déclarait avoir été blessée au travail, au moins une fois au cours de sa carrière. C'est ce qui ressort de l'étude publiée ce jeudi par l'Insee, qui détaille la fréquence de ces accidents auprès des ouvriers, des artisans et des agriculteurs et en souligne les conséquences.

15 November 2018 (07.11.2018) Social protection systems are often still designed for the archetypical full-time dependent employee. Work patterns deviating from this model – be it self-employment or online "gig work" – can lead to gaps in social protection coverage. Globalisation and digitalisation are likely to exacerbate this discrepancy as new technologies make it easier and cheaper to offer and find work online, and online work platforms have experienced spectacular growth in recent years. While new technologies and the new forms of work they create bring the incomplete social protection of non-standard workers to the forefront of the international policy debate, non-standard work and policies to address such workers’ situation are not new: across the OECD on average, one in six workers is self-employed, and a further one in eight employees is on a temporary contract. Thus, there are lessons to be learned from country experiences of providing social protection to non-standard workers. This report presents seven policy examples from OECD countries, including the "artists’ insurance system" in Germany or voluntary unemployment insurance for self-employed workers in Sweden. It draws on these studies to suggest policy options for providing social protection for non-standard workers, and for increasing the income security of on-call workers and those on flexible hours contracts.

15 November 2018

Les Echos (18.10.2018) Si les effets de l'automatisation sur l'emploi sont discutés, les études disponibles montrent qu'elle favorise les inégalités. L'utilisation de la robotique s'accélère dans l'industrie. Selon les derniers chiffres de la Fédération internationale de la robotique (IFR), le stock mondial de robots industriels a doublé au cours des dix dernières années.

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