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The Social Security Media Monitor offers a selection of social security news articles from media around the world. External sites will open in a new window. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the ISSA is not responsible for the content of external sites.

22 March 2017
Europa (14.03.2017) The EPSCO Council adopted the 2017 Joint Employment Report (JER) on 3 March, including the Scoreboard of key employment and social indicators. The table below summarizes its main findings.
21 March 2017
France Stratégie (24.01.2017) C’était une des onze mesures pour la jeunesse promises par le gouvernement au printemps 2016. La concertation en faveur de l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes, lancée en septembre dernier, s’est conclue mardi 24 janvier 2017 par la remise d’un rapport de diagnostic à la ministre du Travail, de l’Emploi, de la Formation professionnelle et du Dialogue social.
17 March 2017
IPE (17.03.2017) All parties in the German parliament have agreed that the country’s proposed pension reform is a step in the right direction – with just one dissenter.
9 March 2017
Southern Voice on Post-MDGs Development Goals (23.11.2016) This research paper, commissioned as part of the series ‘Starting Strong: the first 1000 days of the SDGs’, identifies key actions toward addressing the unfinished business of the MDGs and how to reach those who are furthest behind in relation to the new SDGs.
8 March 2017
PAHO (07.03.2017) Mary Isaac, the Minister of Health and Wellness of St. Lucia, is on a two-day visit to Pan American Health Organization headquarters here to explore health collaboration and outline work on priority public health issues for her island country.
20 March 2017
Le Temps (20.03.2017) De nouvelles règles d’indemnisation des frontaliers perdant leur emploi pourraient être décidées avant l’été par l’UE. Elles pourraient coûter cher à la Suisse
21 March 2017
The Independent (11.11.2016) One in five children live in poverty in Canada, according to Unicef, and a recent poll found two-thirds of Canadians open to the idea of basic income
21 March 2017
The Hindu (19.03.2017) Social security cover for all, even informal workers, is an ambitious target for the Centre and stumbling blocks pave its path.
20 March 2017
TDG (20.03.2017) L’initiative populaire fédérale proposée avec Pierre-Yves Maillard permettrait de préserver les réserves cantonales.
6 March 2017 (03.03.2017) Les médecins généralistes peuvent depuis le 1er mars prescrire des séances de sport. Une réforme qui fera du bien aux patients…mais aussi aux finances de la sécurité sociale.
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