ISSA Good Practice Award for Africa


The ISSA Good Practice Award for Africa will be presented at the Regional Social Security Forum in Addis Ababa, in October 2017. ISSA member organizations in the African region are cordially invited to submit entries for the Award competition before 9 July 2017.

Who can participate?

  • ISSA member organizations in the region of competition may submit proposals for good practices.
  • ISSA Good Practice Awards are given to organizations and not to individuals.

Good Practice Award topical priorities

The ISSA Good Practice Awards are attributed to projects that relate to one or more of the following topics related to the ISSA Guidelines:

  • Good Governance
  • Service Quality
  • Contribution Collection and Compliance
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Investment of Social Security Funds
  • Promotion of Sustainable Employment
  • Communication by Social Security Administrations
  • Actuarial Work for Social Security
  • Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension
  • Return to Work and Reintegration
  • Prevention of Occupational Risks
  • Workplace Health Promotion

How to enter a good practice?

  • Member organizations may submit one or more entries using the online submission form.
  • The good practice entry must be submitted in one of the four ISSA working languages: English, French, German or Spanish. The entry must not exceed 1,500 words, including a summary of a maximum of 180 words.
  • All entries must be endorsed by senior management in the applying organization.
  • Submissions which are transnational must be joint submissions or be validated by all the institutions concerned.
  • There is no fee to submit an entry.

To facilitate your submission, please download and consult the ISSA Good Practice Award Guide, which contains full information and instructions.

Additional background documents to the good practice may be optionally submitted using the online submission form. Please note, however, that only the information in the online submission form (which is a maximum of 1,500 words) will be submitted to, and considered by, the Jury when making their decision concerning the Award.