ISSA, May 2013
Europe: Enhancing the sustainability of comprehensive social security systems
Developments and trends

This report identifies four main issues for discussion: the significant continuing impacts of the crisis and social security’s evolving responses and roles as regards these; the greater alignment of social security and employment policies to achieve more coherent outcomes; push and pull factors contributing to a heightened role for proactive and preventive approaches to social security; and three trends contributing to the achievement of administrative excellence. These issues reflect the practical challenges faced by the region’s social security administrations and highlight the innovative responses put in place to address them. The choice of these issues helps direct the ISSA’s regional network for the countries of Europe in its efforts to build an expert platform for regional cooperation and the exchange of technical knowledge. The ISSA European Network represents the true essence and force of the ISSA: an effective platform to foster active cooperation among member organizations in their objective to develop and promote social security.



This volume identifies, synthesizes and interprets the most important recent developments and trends in social security in Europe. A key finding is that social security administrations in the region remain dynamic and are capable of delivering positive and effective responses to the complex challenges confronting them.
Topics:  Administration - Management, Employment policies, Demographic changes

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