ISSA Section on Prevention in the Chemical Industry, 2015
Step by step towards more safety

These changes place high demands on occupational safety. As a highly innovative key sector, the chemical industry has long played a pioneering role in improving environmental standards, health protection and occupational safety under the international “Responsible Care” programme.

In concrete terms, this means transforming new scientific knowledge into practical tools and ensuring the international networking of experts and companies. The ISSA Chemistry Section has been encouraging and facilitating this process for more than 40 years.

The chemical industry is an international industry. There is a steady increase in the global production of chemical products. Production networks are being created between industrialised nations and newly industrialised countries the world over, and the product portfolio is changing all the time. Everyone involved needs to work together closely to adapt to innovations and shifts in the international division of labour between production facilities.
Topics:  Occupational accidents and diseases

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