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Total population:   206.1
GDP per capita (USD):   15838
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Total population (million): 206.1
Percentage 65 or older: 7.6
Dependency ratio (a): 45.1
Life expectancy at birth (years) - Men: 70.4
Life expectancy at birth (years) - Women: 78.0
Statutory pensionable age - Men: 65
Statutory pensionable age - Women: 60
GDP per capita (USD): 15838

SOURCES: The World Bank, World Development Indicators, available at; U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, The World Factbook, available at; the country summaries in the publication: ISSA; SSA. Social security programs throughout the world – Americas 2015 (Washington, DC and Geneva).

NOTES:  The age shown in the table is the general pensionable age or the age that applies to the largest covered population. GDP = gross domestic product; PPP = purchasing power parity. GDP estimates are converted into international dollars using PPP rates. Indicators and statistics are compiled as part of the research carried out by the ISSA in co-operation with the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) for the publication: ISSA; SSA. Social security programs throughout the world – Americas 2015 (Washington, DC and Geneva).

a. Population aged 14 or younger plus population aged 65 or older, divided by population aged 15–64.
b. General early pensionable age only; excludes early pensionable ages for specific groups of employees.
c. The country has no early pensionable age, has one only for specific groups, or information is not available.
d. Regardless of age but subject to other requirements.
e. Urban workers.

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WHO; Pan American Health Organization. PAHO.

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Bureau international du travail, (BIT). BIT.

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