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Total population:   0.08
GDP per capita (USD):   49900
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Total population (million): 0.08
Percentage 65 or older: 15.6
Dependency ratio (a): 42.9
Life expectancy at birth (years) - Men: 80.7
Life expectancy at birth (years) - Women: 85.2
Statutory pensionable age - Men: 65
Statutory pensionable age - Women: 65
Early pensionable age - Men (b): 61
Early pensionable age - Women (b): 61
GDP per capita (USD): 49900
SOURCES: Information on statutory and early pensionable ages is based on information in the country summaries in this
volume. Other indicators are sourced from the World Bank, World Development Indicators, available at http://data.worldbank
.org/data-catalog/worlddevelopment-indicators; and where information was not available, the U.S. Central Intelligence
Agency. The World Factbook (Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency), available at
/publications/resources/the-world-factbook/index.html. The figures in the table reflect the latest data available from each
source as of the publication of this volume.
NOTES: GDP = gross domestic product; PPP = purchasing power parity. GDP estimates are converted into international
dollars using PPP rates. The statutory and early pensionable age shown in the table is the general pensionable age or the
age that applies to the largest covered population.
a. Population aged 14 or younger plus population aged 65 or older, divided by population aged 15-64.
b. General early pensionable age only; excludes early pensionable ages for specific groups of employees.
c. 2015 GDP.
d. The country has no early pensionable age, has one only for specific groups, information is not available, or the pension is
awarded at any age if certain qualifying conditions are met.
e. 2014 GDP.
f. 2009 GDP.
g. The retirement age is flexible.
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