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The exceptional group of leaders and professionals that make up the membership of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) are united in their strong belief in the importance of social security for our societies, economies and populations.

ISSA Contributions Calculator ISSA Contributions Calculator

ISSA Membership and Contributions Calculator

Use the ISSA membership and contributions calculator to:
  • Find out if your organization would be assessed as a affiliate or an associate
  • Get an idea of the annual cost of membership to the ISSA
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What is the cost of ISSA membership?

As an independent international organization, the ISSA is financed by member contributions. An affiliate member's annual contribution is calculated based on the number of people and risks the organization covers. Associate members pay a fixed rate which is set annually by the ISSA Council (the ISSA's electoral body). For more information, contact the ISSA General Secretariat or consult  the ISSA Contributions Calculator  to get an estimate of annual contributions.

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