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Special Commission on Prevention

For social security organizations, prevention – alongside compensation and rehabilitation – has always played a key role in considerations of providing a safety net for the insured. 

The Special Commission on Prevention addresses both the traditional occupational risks that can be found in specific sectors of economic activity, such as agriculture, construction or the chemical industry, and the new and emerging health and psycho-social risks that are becoming increasingly pertinent in today's world of work. The Special Commission follows ISSA's three-dimensional prevention approach that applies a concept of prevention in social security, consisting of risk management, health promotion and return to work measures.

The Special Commission is composed of 14 international prevention sections, each of which has its own work plan and contributes to the Special Commission's broader work plan, which aligns with ISSA triennial priorities. The Special Commission coordinates the joint activities of the international sections in the field of prevention of occupational risks, as well as other prevention activities of the ISSA.

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