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Technical Commission on Family Benefits

Demographic and social changes have led, in most countries, to a change in family structures, with a trend towards nuclear families and households and the emergence of new, atypical family patterns, including compound families, single parent families, etc.

In addition, changes in the division of labour within the family have resulted in a redefinition of the role of women along with their increased participation in the labour market. The place of children in society is also increasingly recognized, conferring on them more rights and status as full citizens.

These trends call for new types of family policies and their key instrument, family benefits. New family policies should be based on a better balance between work and family life, greater gender equity, empowerment of individuals and better investment in future generations.

How should ISSA member institutions administering family benefits rethink their activities to address these challenges? How should benefits and services be adjusted to comply with the new societal demands? The Technical Commission on Family Benefits focuses its activity on these issues.

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