South Cone of the Americas

The ISSA organises a seminar on model one-stop shops for social protection services in the Americas

Representatives from Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay exchanged their experiences and analyzed the future of the one-stop shop in the region.

One of the central aims of social security organizations is to optimize their models for serving citizens, providing new, efficient, modern, accessible channels for contact and management. The institutions are using financial, technological and human resources to achieve this.

In this context, the two-day technical seminar Improving Social Security Service Provision, was held on Wednesday and Thursday 10 and 11 April. Its main focus was to analyze the different models of one-stop shop in the region. The event was opened by the regional coordinator, Mariano Brener; the head of the Southern Cone office, Alejo Maxit; and the consultant Rodrigo Assumpção. 17 social security bodies from Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay attended, as well as specialists on the issue from Canada, Mexico and Portugal who took part by videoconference.

During the seminar the ISSA Guidelines on service quality were discussed and participants were able to explain the service programs in their countries; find out about other international experiences focusing on the front end and the back end; and debate the future of one-stop shop service provision for aging populations.

Thanks to this exchange, the organizations were able to assess the stage of development they have reached in developing the tool, the possible steps to be followed and how they can promote the initiative within their organizations.

In the last few years, the Southern Cone office for the Americas has organized activities on regional issues of interest, such as social credit programs, internal auditing processes in organizations to ensure efficiency and transparency, and models of service for citizens.

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