Diploma training: Service Quality

8.–12. Oktober 2023 | MuscatOman

Diploma training: Service Quality

8.–12. Oktober 2023 | MuscatOman

Returning to face-to-face learning! After three years of e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Muhanna Foundation invites ISSA members back to onsite Diploma training courses in Arabic.

Service quality is a key aspect of the efficiency and effectiveness of social security delivery, leading to greater trust and confidence in the social security system and better social outcomes. This course on the ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality aims to assist social security institutions in improving service performance in their day-to-day actions and business processes

This is one of six ISSA Diploma training courses run in partnership with the Muhanna Foundation, offered in Arabic in an innovative face-to-face and interactive format.

Training course: ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality

Training institution: The Muhanna Foundation

Training venue: Muscat, Oman

Training period: 8–12 October 2023

Region: Open to all ISSA member institutions

Language: Arabic


Social security institutions are at different stages in service quality development. While every institution strives to operate an efficient and effective social security system, delivery mechanisms and customer experiences vary widely. This course will provide participants with a sound framework that brings together the main considerations on service quality in social security administration. The course will enable participants to improve their skills to integrate the element of quality into planning, delivery and improvement of the different social security services, and to develop a better understanding of iterative cycles and continuous improvement of operational processes

Who can participate?

The training course is designed for social security professionals of ISSA member institutions who have a professional interest in the application of the ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality

How to apply for the training course:

Please contact the training institution to apply for this training course:

May N. Mounzer
Email: [email protected]

The Muhanna Foundation
Qantari, Spears Street, Spears Tower 1773
Beirut – Lebanon

Phone: 00961 1 752999
Mobile: 00961 3 085840

Applicants should apply before 13 September 2023, supported by a letter from their sponsoring institution, indicating that the institution will cover the costs of the participant.

The Muhanna Foundation reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course date due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cost of participation

The cost of participating in this course is 1,600 USD per participant (group discounts available). This price covers tuition fees, the use of training facilities and support services, training materials, catering and a guided tour of the city of Muscat. It does not include accommodation and travel to and from the venue (exact location to be determined).

ISSA Diploma training

The ISSA Diploma training programme offers high-level learning on various ISSA Guidelines on Social Security Administration.

Each course has places for 25 participants.

The course consists of a total of 50 hours training divided between 15 hours self-paced training and 35 hours of onsite in-class training in Arabic.

Participants who successfully complete all assessments and the final assignment will receive a Diploma from the ISSA and the Muhanna Foundation.